CEO Greeting

Dynamic company! Greenpia, the leading firm

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Words from CEO

Greenpia always cares about farmers!

Current agriculture gets tough by FTA etc. unless it has more competitive power.
Only specialization, diversification, improvement in quality, and environment-friendliness will lead to a better and more prosperous future in agricultural industry.

Cooperation among farmers, corporations, and other related organizations is thought to need to develop environment-friendly agriculture.

Dynamic company! Greenpia, the leading firm

Greenpia has invested in and acquired patent rights for various agricultural equipment such as artificial pollination devices, peach pinching devices, and insulation sheets in order to deal with problems confronting rural areas including aging and climate change. To effectively keep up with changing trends in the industry, we are producing high quality plant nutrients, soil conditioners, and mycoherbicides. We’ve done our best to be the best partner for farmers using our expertise.

We promise to continue to serve farmers and contribute to improvements in the industry under our founding ideas, “Dynamic company, Greenpia”.

CEO of Greenpia Industrial
Kim Dae Hwan